Arthur Li @ ​​​​Acroiss Consulting

About Arthur Li

Arthur was born and raised in Hubei, China, and traveled to Canada alone at 18 years old to pursue ​a Bachelor and Master's in Pharmaceutical Sciences from the Universtiy of Toronto. He also holds an International MBA degree from Schulich School of Business, specializing in Entrepreneurship and Strategic Management.

As the founder of  Acroiss Business Consulting,  Arthur is passionate about consulting with scientist-entrepreneurs with insights of both science and business. He currently works with firms of medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and skin care products. Prior to Acroiss, Arthur and his wife ran an education business covering 20 universities in North America. 

Arthur enjoys teaching and coaching. He was nominated for Teaching Excellence Award at the U of T and has an educational YouTube Channel ( WhatASchool ) teaching Molecular Pharmacology to pharmacists. He reads books and writes articles. 

Twitter: @AcroissBC
Instagram: @arthur_acroiss